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Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen links children with practical skill development in preparing healthy food choices.

Our school is a part of the ‘Kids in the Kitchen- Tooty Fruity Vegie' project which is a health promotion aiming to increase the fruit and vegetable consumption of primary school children. The project has the bigger picture goal of working with primary school children to develop healthy eating habits early in life.

‘Kids in the Kitchen' has students learning about the importance of seasonal and local produce. This cooking program encourages children to prepare their own fruit and vegetable meals and snacks.

The objectives are:

1 To maintain or increase positive attitudes towards fruit and vegetables among primary school-aged children.

2 To create positive attitudes towards, and interest in, food preparation among primary school-aged children.

3 To increase participation and confidence in food preparation among primary school-aged children.

4 To encourage school canteens to provide appealing, healthy fruit and vegetable products to students. 

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Pizza Damper

Lilly Pilly Muffins