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Stuarts Point Public School "Marimba and Wacky Instrument Band".

  • Marimbas are based on a type of African xylophone which can be played by up to 3 or 4 students. They are constructed from a variety of materials but consist of mostly wood, PVC pipe and rope. The instruments feature large wooden keys which are hit by beaters forming a resonating sound. They were introduced to Australia by Jon Madin, who also creates other "wacky" instruments and runs music workshops -

  • The names of the instruments are wacky but the music is not. With names like Curly Dinger, Triple Boing and Toffee Apples you might expect that it would be hard to produce likeable music, but the Stuarts Point Public School Marimba and Wacky Instrument Band comes together well, with the marimbas creating most of the melody and the other instruments adding a great percussion accompaniment.

  • Most of the instruments, including some of the marimbas, have been made at the school by students, parents and teachers. The band has been organised and is conducted by the school's principal Tonya Worling, who is always on the lookout for new instruments to add to the band. The instruments can be accessed daily by students for practice and experimentation.

  • Stuarts Point Public School students travel to Sydney to perform on stage at the Opera House and Schools Spectacular. They are part of the State Small Schools Marimba Ensemble. This group is led by Danny Spillane, the principal of Kentucky Public School in the New England region.