Stuarts Point Public School

'To Greater Heights'

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Sport activities are important in developing fundamental movement skills, sportsmanship, physical skill, self esteem and cooperation.

We have four sport houses:

COOPER - First president of the local club,

HENNESSY - First sawmiller in the area,

STUART - First settler in the area and

WHEATON - First teacher at the school.

Each Friday morning students take to their sport houses to compete in improvised games with the emphasis on sportsmanship and skills, rather than ‘winning the game'. Students are given extra points for remembering to come ready for sport with their hat and water bottle.

Thank you to all students and parents who have made the effort to dress in sports uniform which consists of their house coloured sports shirt with a collar, black shorts, sneakers and broad brimmed school hat. Sportsmanship scores are totalled each week and announced to the students.