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Here at Stuarts Point Public School we are pleased to employ the services of a Chaplain. This program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.

Our Chaplain is involved in many areas across the life of our school, most particularly with programs focussed around leadership development, values education, community engagement ,resilience development and general welfare issues.

Following the guidelines set down by the NSCSWP, participation in any of the programs that our Chaplain runs is strictly voluntary and there is an appropriate process for students to be withdrawn if required. This can be accessed through the school office.

There is a clear delineation between programs run by our school Chaplain and others offered through the V10 Community of Schools and the broader DEC but a high level of communication and a focus on "what is best" for our students' welfare underpins everything. Strong relationships with service providers are fostered so that appropriate referrals and efficient use of resources can be made.

At Stuarts Point Public school our students have the opportunity to participate in Special Religious Education (SRE) classes but these are not connected to the Chaplaincy Program. Our Chaplain may help to facillitate SRE but the delivery of SRE is not part of their duties.

If you would like to access the Chaplain for assistance with any issue regarding your child please contact the office so arrangements can be made. Likewise, if there are any percieved issues pertaining to our Chaplain or the program, complaints or otherwise, please speak to the office so the appropriate procedures can be followed.

We encourage members of our school community to provide feedback on the program through the P&C or directly to the Principal.